hlglne (hlglne) wrote in the_crotch,

The 2007 US Marine Hunk Calendar!!

Hooboy! I must admit that patriotic fans of prime warrior manflesh may not be put off by the lack of crotch in some of this calendar's shots.

But here are links to the crotchy previews of the very best. And it's for a good cause.

http://www.freedomisnotfree.com/images/12DEC.jpg December

http://www.freedomisnotfree.com/images/6June.jpg June

http://www.freedomisnotfree.com/images/8AUG.jpg August

To support the charitable actions of this bunch of hunks and hotties laying it on the line, visit

Thanks for the heads-up anakin415 -- you have dibs on April!!
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the hottness in this calendar is just too much.

thank you my queen for allowing me the distinct pleasure of Aprils company.