Tom is my Clark (prim_rose_etta) wrote in the_crotch,
Tom is my Clark

Michael Rosenbaum at Dodgers Stadium yesterday

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I agree. Most delectable.
Lex Luthor is packing the heat there LOL whooooo
Yes, and his light sabre hasn't even unfurled...
dont that just warm your....... uh.... heart yah warm your heart LOL
Wow, nice crotch! I just wanna grab it!! lol
Yeh, especially when his li'l-guy's nickname is, 'The Armadillo'...

But, unlike ladies shirts and bras, guys baggie jeans are an outrage for hiding too much. I must remember to go protest somewhere about it...
Oh yeah, i'll join that protest with you!

'The Armadillo', Mmmmmmmmmmmm..... sounds interesting!
Yeah. The best photo in the entire series is of this dude in thin cotton pajamas, laid out on his back, and he's lifting his head and yelling something and well, the trouser-snake was making a statement, as well.
I'll have to post a screen capture when I get a chance.
It's from SV Season 3 Asylum.
Yes please, I would love to see that screen capture. I'm already imagining what 'it' looks like!